Our Training Philosophy

Our goal is to support you and your dog in creating a great working relationship, so that you can continue to grow and develop as a team ongoing. We will coach you in developing your skills as a handler, broaden your dog’s skillset and help you navigate challenges together.

We take a comprehensive approach to training, in order to get the best possible results and create lasting change. This means we will support you beyond just teaching skills; we look at what motivates your dog, health and wellbeing, how your dog feels about and interacts with the world they live in, understanding their needs as an individual and providing appropriate outlets, and how you and your dog live together.

We understand every dog, and every dog-human team, is different. We are flexible in our approach and endeavour to create a training plan which works best for you and your dog.

As part of the Good Dog Project, we offer group training classes for all ages. Our classes are designed to be accessible, fun and engaging for every dog-handler team.

Initial Consult

The Initial Consult is the starting point for all clients new to Leading K9. This session takes place at your home and is 90 minutes in duration.

In this session we will get to know you and your dog, discuss any problem behaviours, define your training goals and begin your training.

Following this session you will receive detailed written information, as well as homework exercises to help you continue progressing your training.

Whilst some issues can be addressed in a single session, dog training most often requires ongoing, consistent work over time. We offer a range of options for dog-handler teams seeking ongoing support, both privately and in a group setting.

Coaching Sessions

Coaching Sessions are conducted with you, your dog and your trainer. We will coach both you and your dog to help you progress through your training plan.

Sessions are 60 minutes in duration and may be held at your home, in your local area or further afield; location is determined by our goals for the session.

Sessions can be booked as follows:

- Single session

- 4 session bundle

- 6 session bundle

- 8 session bundle

- 10 session bundle

K9 Sessions

K9 Sessions are conducted with just your dog and a trainer. Your dog will be collected from home and taken out for a session of exploration, training and play. We will then drop your dog back home again, ready for a sleep!

These sessions are the perfect option for adding extra stimulation to your dog's week, general confidence building and skill development, and for additional support in reaching specific training goals.

Sessions run for 90 minutes and can be booked as follows:

- 5x K9 Session + 1x Coaching Session

- 10x K9 Session + 2x Coaching Session

Group Classes

Leading K9 in partnership with Adaptive K9 present The Good Dog Project. A new breed of group training classes for the Sunshine Coast, QLD.

All of our classes have been designed with the pet dog in mind, building obedience alongside developing social skills, confidence and impulse control in order to create a dog that navigates the world with ease and sees advantage in engaging with their handler.

There are options for dogs of all ages from puppies through to adult dogs, and class sizes are limited to ensure ample time for trainers to assist you.

New classes commencing regularly. Contact us directly or visit our Facebook page for more information on our current roster and upcoming class dates.

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